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High-Power Devices


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IXYS has gained a worldwide reputation as a premier power semiconductor manufacturer. They deliver a diversified product range in the world of power semiconductors.

XPTTM Trench Discrete IGBTs

  • 650V / 900V / 1200V XPT™ IGBTs GenX3/GenX4
  • Xtreme-light Punch-Through (XPT™) thin wafer technology
  • Reduced thermal resistance / Low energy losses / Fast and hard switching
  • Low tail current / High power density / Performed for motor drive applications
  • Optional co-packed Sonic-FRD™ or HiPerFRED™ diodes


  • VCES 600V up to 1700V / IC 32A up to 150A
  • Short Circuit ruggedness, fast switching times
  • Positive Temp. coefficient of Vce(sat), ideal for paralleling
  • With ultrasoft fast recovery diodes

Very High Voltage NPT IGBTs

  • VCES: 2500V and 4000V
  • Low Saturation / high peak pulse current / High Speed Switching
  • UL approved High Voltage / isolated tab having 2500Vrms galvanic isolation
  • IXYS Releases 3600V Reverse Conducting IGBTs (BiMOSFETs™) for High Current Applications 45A, 70A, 92A and 125A

Pressfit Pin IGBT Modules for E2 and E3 Packages

  • Press-Fit-Pin modules can be connected to the PCB without a solder process
  • XPT IGBT Modules Converter/Brake/Inverter (CBI)
  • Six-Pack IGBT Modules / Half and Full Bridge IGBT Modules



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