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High-Power Devices

MOSFETs IXYS High-Voltage

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The IXYS most popular Power MOSFETs (HiPerFETâ„¢) for both hard switching and resonant mode applications, offering Low gate charge and excellent ruggedness with a fast intrinsic diode.

Product Range:

  • 100V - 1200V Standard Polarâ„¢ Power MOSFETs
    with and without Fast Intrinsic Diode (HiPerFETâ„¢)
  • 200V - 1100V Q3-Class HiPerFETs
    optimized low gate charge
  • 300V - 600V Polar3 HiPerFETs
    improved FOM Factor
  • 650V - 850V X2/X3 MOSFET
    superior dv/dt performance
  • 2KV - 4,5 KV Very High Power MOSFETs
  • 600V Standard Polar Power MOSFETs P-Channel
  • All parts available in many industrial packages TO-220, TO263, TO-247, TO-264, TO-268, SMPD

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