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High-Power Devices


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Unisonic Technologies Company (UTC) has its own wafer IC design house and manufacturing plants including packaging and testing facilities. Having the full control over all processes and UTC is very fast for delivery and flexible for special customer requirements

Product Range:

Low Voltage Discrete MOSFETs
• 20V to 250V Planar N and P Channel MOSFETs
• 20V to 100V Trench N and P Channel MOSFETs
• 20V to 100V Trench MOSFET in special confi guration:
   H-Bridge, Half-Bridge, Dual (N/N; P/P; N/P)

High Voltage Discrete MOSFETs
• 300V to 900V Planar N and P Channel MOSFETs
• 500V to 950V Superjunction N-Channel MOSFETs


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