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Power Management

Power Management

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MSC Technologies is supplying an innovative portfolio of power management ICs to complement signal chains where signal integrity requires an efficient power design. It involves efficiently converting unregulated voltages derived from the AC line, batteries, or other sources to regulated, precise and protected levels.


  • Power Management ICs Industrial and Automotive
  • Multi-Channel Power Management ICs
    2Ch LDO, 3Ch LDO DC/DC Converters
    2Ch Step-down and step up
  • Multiple-PMU OTP sequence controllable
  • Li-ion Battery Protection
    1-Cell, 2-Cell, Mulit-Cell Protection
    Li-ion Battery Analog Front-End ICs
  • Real Time Clock ICs
    2,- 2,- 4-wire Serial Interface  I²C Bus


  • Secondary-Side Regulation PWM Controller
  • Primary-Side Regulation PWM Controller
  • Secondary-Side Regulation PWM Power Switch
  • Primary-Side Regulation PWM Power Switch
  • Power Factor Controller


  • DC/DC Converters 0,25 Watt to 100 Watt
  • AC/DC Converters 1,5 Watt to 200 Watt